Thank you for your interest in purchasing my art! 

One of the most rewarding things for me is that my art can move someone and resonate with them. It is very special when I can share my vision with someone else.

This page includes information about pricing and purchasing my art as well as a service I provide that will help you determine which pieces you would enjoy in your space. I am currently in the process of adding an online purchase system. In the near future you will be able to purchase directly from the website. Until then, please note the piece(s) you are interested in purchasing and contact me.


Print Availability

My art is available as both open and limited editions. Limited edition prints are limited to 75 prints (and 3 artist proofs) each image. Not all prints are available in all sizes. Only prints sized 20x24" and larger are available as limited edition prints. Only the highest quality Hahnemuhle fine art papers and canvas are used. Canvas prints are stretched on high quality keyed 1 1/8" heavy-duty stretchers, made from solid, kiln dried, white clear pine, and come ready to hang with a solid, aluminium bracket with built in levelling. Paper prints can be framed or simply double-matted on backing board ready for your own frame.

For all limited edition art prints, I use Hahnemuhle's Certificate of Authenticity and Hologram System which is designed to protect the security and genuineness of limited edition art. A holographic sticker will be affixed to the back and a matching certificate with a globally unique serial number will also accompany the piece of art.

When you have narrowed your selection down to a few pieces of art you might like to purchase, I will mail you small (8x10") paper proof prints. These will be yours to keep and will give you an accurate idea of what the larger piece will look like in your space.

Visualizing My Art In Your Space!

When you find art that you love, sometimes it's difficult to choose the right piece(s) to enhance your space. I am able to help you visualize how your space will look without having to visit your location. Once a deposit for the art has been sent, simply send me a couple of pictures, by email, of the space(s) where you would like to hang the art. I will then realistically Photoshop the piece(s) onto your walls.

Click on the thumbnails below to see examples of this service. These prints are not physically hanging in these rooms. They have been added via Photoshop! 

Art Leasing

My art is available for leasing. Leasing makes sense for businesses that operate on a monthly cash flow model or for those that wish to change the art in their spaces yearly. Please contact me for more information about leasing.


The following prices are for common print sizes. I can provide custom print sizes as long as it does not change the feel of the piece. Delivery and installation will be free in most cases but please confirm with me prior to ordering.

Open Edition Print Prices

Print Size Paper Paper (Framed) Canvas (Stretched)
8x10 / 10x10 $40 $80 N/A
11x14 / 14x14 $75 $130 $110
16x20 / 16x16 $100 $175 $150
16x24 $125 $200 $175

Limited Edition Print Prices (Please Contact Me For Sizes Not Listed)

Print Size Paper Paper (Framed) Canvas (Stretched)
20x24 / 24x24 $500 $650 $500
30x40 / 36x36 $700 $850 $700
40x50 / 48x48 $900 $1100 $900
48x72 $1200 $1500 $1200

20x40 $600 $750 $600
20x60 $700 $900 $700
36x72 $900 $1100 $900
48x96 $1200 $1500 $1200