What Is Art Reproduction?

Art reproduction is the process of photographing a piece of art, typically a flat object such as a painting or a tapestry into a digital file that can be used for a number of different applications. Such applications include websites, magazine submissions and to make prints onto paper or canvas. As artists it is very important to represent ourselves professionally and as effectively as we can. Don't settle for a low quality photo of your art from a phone or inexperienced photographer that isn't capable of producing professional results. Creating high quality art reproductions is as much of an art as it is a science. I take pride in providing professional quality art reproductions.

Reproduction Process

I use a custom digital hardware/software workflow creating a typical reproduction resolution of at least 150-200 megapixels (higher if required) allowing incredible detail to be captured. The art is reproduced with enough resolution that prints can be made at virtually any size desirable. It doesn't make sense to pay a different art reproduction price for different sized pieces of art. This avoids unnecessary additional costs for repeat reproduction of your artwork in the future. Virtually any size of artwork can be reproduced.

I can reproduce art without reflection or glare, even those framed under glass. My reproduction method does not use hot, continuous lighting to ensure no harm comes to your art.

Included With Art Reproductions

  • An 8x10" (or equivalent) portfolio print and email resolution files.
  • High-resolution image of the reproduction.
  • Master reproduction files backed-up on my system for archiving and efficiency of reprints.
  • 10% discount on prints when ordered at time of reproduction.


Each piece of artwork being reproduced is $100. Bulk discounts (such as for portfolio creation, group of artists, etc) are available for five or more paintings. The artist is responsible for delivering and picking up the artwork. On-site art reproduction service is available for large jobs.