Training, Workshop And Consulting Information

I am currently available for providing training and presentations to organizations/clubs that are interested in learning the technical and/or creative aspects of photography. I am also offering consulting services for such topics as workflow and colour management.

Some of the following training services and workshops I am currently offering or am in the planning stages are listed below. If you are a group organizer and would a specific offering for your group, please contact me with the details. I am running some youth creative outreach sessions and am looking for volunteers. Please contact me if you are interested in participating.

Workshops / Courses - These are offered as single or multi-day options and targeted at various skill levels. Beginner courses consist of such topics as basic composition, camera and lens settings, importing and performing simple image post processing in Lightroom/Photoshop, etc. Intermediate and advanced courses cover topics such as more complicated composition, more technical Lightroom/Photoshop post processing, focus bracketing, HDR, panoramic/mosaic image stitching, colour management (calibration and profiling monitors and printers), etc. Custom courses may be requested and arranged if the number of participants is five or larger. 

Critiquing - If you are interested in having your work critiqued, I can provide critiquing in-person on an individual or group level or via email / screencast. I will provide comprehensive constructive feedback, both on the technical and aesthetic/compositional aspects. Individuals who participate in my workshops or courses are welcome to send me samples of their work for critique at no cost. 

Consulting - Are you struggling with an efficient photography workflow? Are you interested in having your workflow tweaked to maximize your return on investment? Are you new to the industry and require guidance to get established properly from the beginning?

Youth Creative Outreach - I am volunteering at schools and various places in order to inspire and engage youth through creative outlets. If you are a teacher,  creative, youth coordinator or someone that is interested in joining my outreach program, I would love to hear from you! If you have resources that are interested in helping out, please send me their contact info. Youth are the future and nothing can expand one's mind and teach the beauty of life as well as being creative can!

All consulting, workshops and training include post-training help via e-mail from me.