Photographic Art Workshop Series: Macro / Close-up


Photographic Art Workshop Series: Macro / Close-up


The macro world is very intriguing. Capturing these images can be challenging, but the results are always very rewarding! This workshop will cover the topics and techniques to provide you with the knowledge and skill to use your macro equipment to photograph subjects at a macro (or close-up) scale with confidence. It is highly recommended to have either a macro lens, extension tubes, a lens that can focus very close (ie: a foot or less) to subjects or a close-up filter (please contact me if you require some additional guidance).

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Date: Saturday, November 23rd, 2019
Time: 10am to 6pm
Location: 11 Griffin Street, Waterdown, Ontario

Only 15 spots available!

Refreshments and snacks will be provided. Pack your lunch (there are also some nice cafes within short walking distance)! Registration closes on Saturday, November 16th. Bring your laptop if you want to follow along with the workshop images. There will be an optional take-home assignment for post-workshop critique. Based on pre-workshop participant feedback, I will tweak the workshop so everyone gets the most out of it!

The workshop format will include a lecture in the morning, followed by a short shooting excursion at a close, easy-access outdoor location to practice learned techniques, followed by some image review/editing/critique. If the weather doesn’t play nice on the day of the workshop we will spend more time on technique and editing/reviewing/critiquing images instead of shooting outside.

In order to provide as much value to my workshop participants as possible, I can be contacted at any point after the workshop via email for assistance/feedback. Workshop participants will also receive a 10% printing discount for my printing services until the end of 2019!

Some of the topics covered:
Macro equipment (and the pros and cons)
Techniques for capturing macro subjects
Understanding magnification
Lighting for macro
Focus stacking (unlimited depth of field)
Examples of successful macro/close-up images
Image review/editing/critiquing